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Why choose Guardian Pool Fence Systems?

Professional Installation
Our Mesh Pool Fence will be installed by our professionally trained fully insured installers with more than 20 years experience.
Self Closing Gate
Our PATENTED self closing gate is designed to prevent children from climbing because there is no top cross bar to grab or hold onto. This is only one of our patented features that you won’t find anywhere else in the world!
Climb Resistant
It’s very difficult for small children to climb over the fence OR GATE because there’s no top cross to hold on to.
Small Holes Drilled
Small 5/8” holes drilled into decking ensures no damage to decking and allows for easy removal and reinsertion. Competitor’s drill 1 1/8″- 1 1/4″ holes that are massive and difficult to repair in future when the fence is no longer needed.
Key Lockable Gate
We use the award winning Magnalatch locking system. Our pool gates are key-lockable and self latching.
Removable or Permanent Installation
Our patented locking sleeve prevents the poles from being removed from the deck. Using our standard sleeve you can safely remove our fence when needed or you can set it up as a permanent installation to meet bylaw requirements.
Grounded Unbreakable Poles
Extremely strong poles with a stainless steel pin core makes them virtually unbreakable! Poles may become warm during summer months which acts as a huge deterrent for curious children Poles cover the deck holes/sleeves rather than being inserted into the deck sleeve therefore no debris will enter.
Canadian Company
Guardian Pool Fence is an Ontario based company that provides installation sales and manufacturers approved warranty right to your door. (Labor and travel fees may apply)

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