Pool Fence Installation Procedures

Pool Fence Installation Procedures

All Guardian safety fences can be installed on your pool deck or customized for the lawn/planter areas, wood decks etc…Holes are drilled in the masonry surfaces (pool decking) with precision drills fitted with water cooled diamond-core bits to prevent chipping or cracking. The holes we drill are 4″ deep x 5/8″ diameter.
Wires and piping are generally below this level. It’s a good idea to check with your pool contractor or have locates done if you’re concerned!

Hole sizes

(very small 5/8″ holes for Guardian Premier Pool Fence)

vs HUGE 1 1/4″-1 1/2″ for competitors

Once the holes are drilled, Guardian’s non-conductive HDPE plastic sleeves are inserted in the deck. HDPE plastic sleeves meet applicable National electrical codes.

The fence sections are then inserted into the sleeves in the deck and are then connected to each other with stainless steel, spring-loaded hook & eye clasps to maintain fence tension. For added safety, brass padlocks keyed alike are available for each of the clasps.

Guardian’s Premier Pool safety fences are available in three heights: 4 foot, 4 1/2 foot and 5 foot and come with 30″ or 36″ spacing.

  • We recommend 30″  spacing for curvy pools or small jobs with tight fits.
  • We recommend 36″ spacing for straight pools.
  • Our fencing is the ideal choice for existing pools!
  • Please consult with bylaws in your area for new pool construction!

Guardian’s Premier fence poles are reinforced marine grade T-6 aluminum.

Available pole colors are: black, brown, green or grey.

Guardian’s mesh fabrics

Our PREMIUM INTERLOCKING mesh (the most-transparent mesh) is available in black, brown or green.

Guardian pool fence owners have a selection of colors for the border materials as well — black, grey, brown or green.

The most common customer choices for fencing are:

  • Black mesh with grey border and grey poles (most transparent)
  • Black mesh with black border and black poles (to match furniture or existing fence)
  • Brown mesh with brown border and brown poles (to match furniture, structures)
  • Green mesh with green border and green poles (to match furniture or plantings)

Given all the possible combinations of heights, mesh material and border colors, Guardian produces over 80 different models of removable-mesh pool safety fences! Oh by the way black mesh is the most see through mesh, its almost like its not even there. Have you ever seen someone walk into a patio screen door? Exactly!

With all these choices, we know how to make our customers very happy!


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