Self Closing Gates (Patented)

Protect Your Children and Prevent Drowning

Keep children safe by installing a Premier Self Closing Gate by Guardian Pool Fence Systems.

Premier Self Closing Gate


This is our 5-foot-tall PREMIER gate system. We put this gate at a point in the pool area where you can step up into the spa or step down into the pool. The location of your pool gate is very important to the function of your pool fence. Putting the hinges for the gate on the correct side is equally important.

Please notice the trusses on each side of the gate. Please notice that Guardian has NO CROSSBAR at the top of the swinging gate. The lack of a crossbar significantly increases the difficulty a child would have trying to climb our gate. There is nothing rigid at the top of our gate OR fence to support a child if they attempted to climb this system.

ALL OTHER COMPANIES that make a self-closing gate for a mesh pool fence have a crossbar at the top of their gate. This feature is one of 19 claims we have on our *PATENT-PROTECTED self-closing gate. United States Patent #5,664,769

This is the truss that is installed on both sides of our patented gate. Without this design, the gate would not stay in alignment. We also do not make our trusses out of aluminum. All Guardian trusses are made from galvanized steel and are coated in PLASCOAT. The pins that go into the deck sleeves are stainless steel.

Self Closing Gate

Guardian TrussesGuardian Trusses

Premier Self Closing Gate cont’d

The gate is the most important part of any fence system! We had to know our gate would close each time. Our double-pole truss on both sides of the gate allows for tension fluctuations without the need for adjustments. The fabric tension is not a factor in the operation of our gate. We also designed this gate without a top cross-bar, making it very difficult for toddlers to climb because there’s nothing rigid to hold on to! We also have a slanted cap on the lower hinge to prevent a child from gaining a toe hold and leverage to climb!!

Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. is the only manufacturer of removable-mesh fencing to have the ORIGINAL, PATENTED, self-closing gate specifically designed and engineered to operate with a removable mesh fencing system.

Because this type of fence operates on tension, the mesh fabric is tighter in colder weather and loses some tension in warmer weather. Engineers have told us that a conventional, single pole designed gate would require constant adjustment.

Removing a single pole gate for a party and then having to reinstall the gate compounds the problem of a potential gate failure. Guardian Pool Fence Systems, Inc. has PATENTED a Gate System that does not depend on the tension of the fence around it!

  • Removable
  • Non-Climbable
  • Self-Closing
  • Self-Latching

Self Closing Gate

Self Closing Gate

Gate Hardware (Latch)

The ONLY latch we use is MAGNA LATCH. It operates magnetically (self latching) and is key lockable. Every gate shipped by Guardian since production in 1996 uses MAGNA LATCH for its latching mechanism.

The latch selected for the Guardian gate system is made in Australia. The manufacturer promotes this latch as “The World’s Safest Pool Gate Latch.” We agree completely. Nothing we have seen in latching systems comes close to the sophisticated operation of this latch. This key-lockable latch is magnetic (self-latching) and non-mechanical. It won the Silver Medal in 1992 at the International Inventors Convention in Geneva, Switzerland, and won the Australian Design Award.

This latch also meets the Barrier Code requirements of the NSPI and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The tension adjustable hinges, made by the same company, also won the Australian Design Award. Without this hardware, Guardian might never have built this gate.

When the Magna-Latch and the tension adjustable hinges are used with the Guardian PATENTED gate design, we believe no other system on the market today offers the level of Safety, Versatility, Practicality and Protection that this system provides.

Self Closing Gate

Self Closing GateLatch

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