Pool Fence 101

Pool Fence 101

Now that you have decided on removable mesh fencing for your pool. We thought we would help you with the process of understanding all the information you need to know. The decision process can be overwhelming. Let’s make it easier for you!


The concept of tension based removable mesh fencing was invented some 40 years ago. The concept is centered on drilling holes in concrete or solid decking, inserting a sleeve in the holes and then installing a series of fence sections in those holes in a matter to effectively block off all possible entrances to the swimming pool area. Once the sections are all connected together, a great deal of lateral tension is created and the fence is virtually impossible to pull out of the ground. Today consumers have accepted this wonderful product as an effective solution for swimming pool safety for young children.

Pool Fence 101

Mesh and Poles

  • The mesh fencing consists of a strong vinyl mesh fabric attached to a series of poles.
  • Mesh vary in grades from inexpensive contractor grade to premium grade.
  • Make sure you know what you are paying for!!
  • Fence poles vary in types. There are aluminum poles with x cores, y cores, h cores inside. Fiberglass poles are used as well.


  • Premium interlocking mesh at standard pricing
  • We have a patent on our locking deck sleeve (can be purchased as an option)
  • Aluminum poles with stainless steel pins for our Premier Line (5/8″ holes)
  • Available pole colors: Black, Chocolate Brown, Green and Grey
  • Available mesh colors: Black (most see-thru), Brown and Green
  • Available matching border colors: Black, Brown, Green and Grey
  • Available fence heights: 48″, 54″ and 60″
  • Fiberglass poles are not in our line

Fence Clasps

Fence sections are attached together with different types of clasps. The most common is a spring loaded hook & eye clasp. Other types used are two sided clasps similar to dog leashes and toggle bolt and ring clasps.


  • Stainless steel hook & eyes with holes for attaching padlocks are the safest and easiest to operate
  • Two sided clasps can’t be locked
  • Toggle bolt and ring clasps are difficult to operate and waste time

Fence Installation

In order to achieve a quality installation, many years of experience is necessary. Knowing how to drill holes in the decking at the proper angle is the key to maintaining tension and a tight fitting fence. This is not a do-it yourself project. Once all the fence sections are attached, if the holes are drilled incorrectly even though the fence fits in all the holes perfectly. The fencing will not have the proper tension and will look crooked. Have a look at other sites and incredibly you will see pictures of pool fencing with poles that are crooked and leaning the wrong way.


  • Our installers undergo extensive factory training and work with experienced installers before they perform any installations

Self Closing Gates

For the most part every pool fence gate utilizes the magna latch latching system which has won many awards. Gates & gate posts consist of round or square tubing that are powder coated. The same mesh used in the fencing is also used for the gate. All gates have a solid top cross-bar.


  • Our self-closing gate is patented and does not have a cross bar which can be used for leverage
  • Our gate has a slanted cap on the lower hinge to prevent climbing
  • Our Premier gate is available with stainless steel pins for added safety

Take the time to compare and you will find that Guardian Pool Fence is the #1 choice for leading edge technology, innovation, quality and selection!!

Which Size Hole?

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