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Pool Fence Our Mission Statement

“Provide quality pool safety products and installation and unsurpassed customer service”

Guardian Pool Fence Systems is a family owned business!

Our introduction and involvement into the removable safety pool fence business in 1994 was a result of a direct need to protect our own family. With two young curious children, two dogs and a swimming pool we realized that in order to keep them safe we had to protect them from gaining access to the swimming pool area.

With our experience in operating a successful business selling safety supplies to industry and consulting businesses on safe practices in the workplace, the number one priority was to make our pool area as safe as possible. Supervision alone would not be enough. Our extensive research into products to help make our swimming pool safer, items such as pool alarms, safety covers etc…did not provide us with the level of safety and peace of mind we needed. We looked at different types of fencing as well: wrought iron, chain link, wood, metal etc. These types of fences were permanent and would enclose the pool and take away from the beauty of the yard. The search continued until we found Guardian Pool Fencing Systems Inc. The fencing system was removable, see-through, safe and would not take away from the beauty of the pool area! What a great concept!

Realizing the need for this product for everyone that has a swimming pool, we subsequently were trained and became Guardian dealers. We have been involved in selling and installing pool fences ever since and have travelled to many towns and cities all over Ontario. We also consult major pool contractors and landscape designers in Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas in Ontario on pool safety on a regular basis and regularly install our fencing systems in their projects.

Through our affiliation with Guardian Pool Fence Systems Inc., the #1 leader in the industry, our goal is to offer the highest level of swimming pool safety in Toronto, GTA and surrounding areas of Ontario through quality installation and continued product innovation, with the end result being safety for children and pets and peace of mind for parents and caregivers.

Guardian offers removable mesh Pool Fence Systems and pool safety products throughout Ontari0.

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