Pool Fence FAQ

Pool Fence Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my pool fence?
Dark colored mesh fences are very transparent and rarely show dirt which explains their popularity. However, before removing your fence you should rinse it off with a garden hose. The fence can collect a lot of dirt, just like a car sitting in your parking lot or driveway.

Can my children lift the pool fence poles out of the holes?
Proper installation of the fence provides a tension fit that prevents most children from lifting the fence out. However, this tension fit does not mechanically hold the fence into the patio. For complete peace of mind we suggest our NEW PAT. PENDING locking deck sleeve that actually locks the fence pole into the deck and prevents their removal by children or adults. To remove the pole from this sleeve requires a Phillips screws driver AND you can only use the Phillips screwdriver from the INSIDE of the fence. This means that in order to perform this task you must get through a gate that is key locked.

Can my child unlatch the pool fence sections?
Our safety gate hooks were designed with small holes at the end of each clasp to accommodate a padlock. This safety feature is a design improvement over conventional safety gate hooks found on other fencing systems. With the padlock in place children cannot unlatch the safety gate hook. Guardian has solid brass padlocks available that all operate with the same key. We recommend this system for: an added measure of safety, if you have age disparity issues in your family or if you have a rambunctious child. REMEMBER CHILDREN WATCH WHAT YOU DO!!

Can my child climb the pool fence ?
The mesh surface of all Guardian pool fences will not allow finger or toe holds, thus making our fence one of the least climbable fences available. However, nothing replaces adult supervision. Parents must continue to supervise their children because you never know if they might try to pull an object such as a patio chair or toy up to the fence to gain a height advantage.

I don’t want holes drilled in my expensive deck…
We understand that many people have spent a great deal of money beautifying their backyard. Drilling holes in expensive decking surfaces is something most people are uncomfortable with. We at Guardian came up with a solution to alleviate this concern with the introduction of our Premier Line Fencing with stainless steel pins. With this new and exclusive design, we have significantly reduced the size of holes drilled from 1 ΒΌ” -1 1/8″ in diameter to 5/8″ in diameter. These holes are so small you don’t even notice them.

If I want to remove the pool fence, how easy is it to do?
The fence is easily removed by one person. The first step is to undue all the safety catches at the top of the fence. This relieves the tension on all the sections. You then push the poles away from your body and upwards one pole at a time for each section. 100 feet of fencing can be removed and re-installed in less than 20 minutes. 100 feet of fencing when rolled up fits inside a standard garbage can!

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