Free Customer Quotes

Free Customer Quotes

We can greatly speed up the process of getting you an accurate quote. Please email a few pictures from different angles (looking down from 2nd story thru window not screen, with back against house looking out at pool, where the fence will attach on each side standing at least 10-15 feet away), a description of your pool decking (ie: Concrete, interlocking brick, flagstone etc…), the approximate linear footage (not square footage) and an idea of how you would like to fence off your pool. A quick drawing on a sheet of paper with dimensions works as well! If you don’t know how to properly fence your pool, give us a call and don’t worry we’ve done 1000’s of pools and our experts will provide you with the proper advice! Once we receive your e-mail we will provide you with an accurate quote online. Don’t forget to include where you live, as we have a dealer network setup throughout Ontario!

Email us check list:

  • pictures
  • description of pool decking (ie: concrete pavers, flagstone, concrete, retaining wall etc..
  • linear footage (length of fence needed, not square footage)
  • your location
  • name and phone number

Email us and send PICS and detailed info to:

or call us toll free right now and we will walk you through the easy process  

1-877-233-8965 or direct (416)-399-5058

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